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“The first step is to remind our students and colleagues that those who hold views contrary to one’s own are rarely evil or stupid, and may know or understand things that we do not. It is only when we start with this assumption that rational discourse can begin, and that the winds of freedom can blow."


 – Former Stanford Provost John Etchemendy

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November 30, 2022

Katie Meyer Lawsuit We alumni are obviously concerned about the allegations made in the complaint filed last week by the Meyer family against Stanford regarding the tragic suicide earlier this year by their daughter Katie Meyer. See the complaint at this website under the heading Stanford Reforms. Back to Basics Coincidentally, a proposal has been circulated in recent weeks about the need for major colleges and universities to get back to basics. In light of the Meyer lawsuit, we have decided to go ahead and post the draft, revised slightly to be specific to Stanford, since many of the concerns raised by the complaint overlap with many of the same concerns that alumni, students, faculty, parents and others have had in recent years. The “Back to Basics” discussion draft can be found at this website under the heading Stanford Reforms. Let Others Know About Our Website Please feel free to forward this newsletter to others who might be interested. Names and email addresses can be added to our mailing list by writing to stanfordalumnifreespeech@proton.me or by using the Subscribe function at this website. ******* "A constitution, as important as it is, will mean nothing unless the people are yearning for liberty and freedom.” -- Ruth Bader Ginsburg November 21, 2022 ​ See our special edition newsletter posting that contains links to videos and other information from the Academic Freedom Conference hosted in early November by Stanford's Graduate School of Business. https://www.stanfordalumnifreespeech.org/stanford-concerns​

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      Member, Alumni Free Speech Alliance


Stanford Alumni for Free Speech and Critical Thinking is an independent, diverse, and nonpartisan group of Stanford alumni committed to promoting and safeguarding freedom of thought and expression, intellectual diversity and inclusion, and academic freedom at Stanford.  


We believe innovation and positive change for the common good is achieved through free and active discourse from varying viewpoints, the freedom to question both popular and unpopular opinions, and the freedom to seek truth without fear of reprisal from those who disagree, within the confines of humanity and mutual respect.  


Our goal is to support students, faculty, administrators, and staff in efforts that assure the Stanford community is truly inclusive as to what can be said in and outside the classroom, the kinds of speakers that can be invited, and what should always be the core principles of a great university like Stanford.  We also advocate that Stanford incorporates the Chicago Principles, the gold standard for freedom of speech and expression at college and university campuses, and that Stanford abides by these principles in both its policies and its actions.